Next Duel

On February 4, 2017
 – Tributesville and its production partners join forces again to unite Bruce Springsteen & Bob Seger music fans for another night that classic rock will never forget.  Once before this battle has happened, and for classic rock fans its equivalent to an MSU vs U of M sports rivalry.  LOOKIN’ BACK, Detroit’s Bob Seger tribute go’s head-to-head with’s new member THE BOSS REVUE, a Detroit-based act dedicated to Bruce Springsteen music.

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From its inception Dueling Tributes was designed to be entirely fair and fun for both bands, and highly entertaining for the audience.  As with any legitimate duel both teams will have matched weapons in accordance with other mutually agreed-upon rules.  Both bands will share a single state-of-the-art front-of-house audio system, one unbiased sound man, lighting and stage design resources complete with special effects and video backdrops.  Both bands (15 players) will split a spacious stage as each side will light up and darken as band takes exchange hits in this unique 2.5 hour production.


Tributesville thanks its partners Milford-based Light Up The Sound for all stage lighting, special affects, and projection programming.  Sound reinforcement will be engineered by 3-time Detroit Music Award nominee and overall hotshot audio tech Daniel Niewolak.

Doors: 7:00 PM

Concert: 8:00 PM is a growing collection of Detroit’s best peer reviewed tribute bands
united to help bring attention to each other’s bands by sharing a common website, Facebook page, and cooperating with special events such as this.  Look for some of Detroit’s BEST tribute bands at  We are out to change how the industry is perceived, but more importantly DISCOVERED!